Benefits of Krill Oil

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A diet rich in omega-3 is essential for your overall health. The problem is that your body just can’t produce these fatty acids on its own. So, you need to get them from certain foods or through supplements. You can get omega-3 from cod, bluefish, mackerel, anchovies, sturgeon, salmon, tuna, lake trout and sardines. Unfortunately, with all the pollution WHO is not advising us to eat fish. So, you need to look for omega-3 fatty acids in supplements like the krill oil.

krill oil benefits

There have been many clinical research studies performed to test the real effects of the krill oil. And there are many benefits for your health:

Cardiovascular Health:

Just like fish oil, krill oil contains fatty acids that promote healthy circulation and support cardio health. From these fatty acids, there are two that are especially important, EPA and DHA. These are the ones that help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. And since krill oil also contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, it will help you support your cardiovascular health.

heart health krill oil

Joint Health:

The American Journal of Nutrition published a study where the krill oil effectiveness to lubricate joints and support healthy inflammatory response was analyzed. The participants of the study experienced a reduction in joint stiffness, less joint distress, and even an increase in overall mobility.

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How to Catch a Cod Fish?

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Living in a coastal area or travelling to a coastal area can be considered as one of the most wonderful things to do. You will get fresh air to breathe in and you will be able to catch your own food. If you are interested in having a nutritious seafood meal, you need to think about catching codfish. In fact, fermented cod liver oil is made out of codfish and you will be able to receive a variety of nutrients. In addition, cod fish tastes great and you would love to have it over and over again. Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to catch a cod fish.

catching codfish

Before you go out to catch a cod fish, you need to identify the time and place where cod fish live. Otherwise, you will just spend time in your boat without catching even a single cod. From the studies, it has been identified that the best time of the year to catch a cod fish is from September to January. The depth of water is not so important because cod fish prefer to live in shallow turfs. You can easily catch a cod fish during night time because they come near the shore to breed at that time. Cod fish can be found commonly in most of the coastal areas, especially in colored seas.


Now you are aware of the time and place and the next step would be to prepare bait and tackle. Some cod fish swell at the seabed. In order to catch them, you will need to have at least 30 pound of tackle. Codfish prefer to eat many different types of tiny animals that can be found in the sea. However, they love to eat clams, worms and crabs. If you can use them for bait, you will be able to increase your chances of catching cod fish. Many professional fishermen who go on hunting for cod fish use a plastic worm teaser to catch them without any difficulty. If you are planning to go on shallow boat fishing, you are encouraged to use squid as the bait.

tackle and bait

When you try to catch a cod fish, you need to pay special attention towards safety and precautions as well. That’s because a lot of hazards are associated with fishing. You should not attempt to fish in areas that you are not familiar with. If you go, you need to accompany an expert who has been shipping in that area for some time. In addition, you need to watch out for tides carefully. If you fish near the shore, heavy tides might come and sweep you away. In addition, you need to have a look at the weather forecast and go fishing only under favorable weather conditions. The weather can change at any given time and you need to be prepared for it as well. Then you will be able to catch cod fish without any hassle and prepare them with your own hands.

You can read more about cod fish at

Omega-3 Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) & Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Benefits

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Omega-3 fats are essential to your overall health and they can be found in fatty layers of cold-water fish and shellfish, flaxseed, fortified foods, plant and nut oils, algae oils, and English walnuts. You can also get omega-3s as supplements.

Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)  are two types of Omega-3 fats, and can be found on fish and krill. They are mostly known for their beneficial effects on your heart.

Low concentrations of EPA and DHA may result in an accelerated cognitive decline as well as an increased risk of death. Several studies also suggest that a higher intake of omega-3s may bring certain benefits that short-term supplements cannot give.

Omega-3, Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) have a lot of benefits in many health problems, from mental and behavioral health to preventing premature death. Their main benefits include:

Heart Health: A study was made proving that on heart attack survivors, patients who were taking fish oil showed a drastic decrease in their risk of facing a heart attack, a stroke, or even death. Omega-3 fats also help to prevent cardiac arrhythmia

heart health

Normalizes Your Cholesterol Levels: Another study showed the positive effects of Omega-3 fats in controlling your cholesterol levels. They reduced the enzyme activity that causes the liver to metabolize fat, reducing liver triglycerides significantly more.


General Brain Functions: Omega-3 fats also showed to improve general brain functions including Parkinson’s disease and memory. With EPA and DHA your brain’s dopamine levels are high, the neuronal growth in the frontal cortex of your brain increases as well as the cerebral circulation.

brain performance

Osteoporosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: They help to prevent fatty deposits and fibrosis of the inner layer of your arteries and act as anti-inflammatory. This results in a relief of the heat, pain, swelling and others.

  • Retinal and Brain Development in Infancy.
  • Autoimmune disorders like lupus and nephropathy.
  • Chron’s disease.
  • Asthma.
  • Breast, prostate and colon cancers.
  • Anti-Thrombotic: They help prevent a blood clot with a blood vessel or thrombosis.
  • Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS): Omega-3 has been helping saving children who are born with their intestine not completely formed yet.

You can find animal-based Omega-3 fats in different foods:

Fish: In the old days, fish could give you the omega-3 fats you needed. But now, with all the toxins and pollutants like the heavy metals present on the sea, eating fish is not even recommended anymore. The only exceptions are the wild-caught Alaskan salmon and the very small fish like sardines.

Fish oil: High-quality fish oils can certainly provide many benefits to your health. However, this oil doesn’t have enough antioxidants.

Krill oil: Its antioxidant potency is 48 times higher than fish oil.

Omega-3, EPA, and DHA have a lot of benefits to your health. They don’t only help you prevent some diseases as they help you get better as well. Make sure you include the Omega-3 fats in your regular diet, to maintain a healthy life.

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3 Most Popular Fish Oil Types

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Fish oils are becoming more popular every day. We all want to be healthy and we look for everything we can that can help us with this goal. Besides, if it’s a natural product, the better. There are some factors you need to consider when buying fish oil:fush oil

  • The oil must meet international standards for heavy metals, dioxins, and other contaminants.
  • Omega-3 oils are very susceptible to oxidation, which makes them rancid over time. If you take rancid fish oil, you might be doing even worse.
  • The fish oil should contain a proper amount of EPA and DHA.
  • All fish oils contain EPA and DHA. However, fish liver oil, from cod, shark or skate also contains natural vitamins that are difficult to obtain on other foods.
  • The more natural the fish oil the better.
  • The fish should be harvested in a sustainable manner.
  • The product must be relatively affordable.

But which fish oil type should you choose? Here are the 3 most popular fish oil types: 

#1: Cod Liver Oil

Cod liver oil is one of the most popular fish oils. It’s a natural supplement that contains Vitamins A and D and has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids – EPA and DHA. Cod liver oil is one of the most used with children, especially because it has higher levels of both vitamins A and D than traditional fish oil. Several studies also demonstrated the beneficial effects preventing heart attacks and helping with psoriasis.

cod fish

#2: Krill Oil

Krill oil is prepared using the Antarctic krill and contains several antioxidants, including vitamins A and E, and astaxanthin. Several studies have been showing that they may contain toxic residues but the United States FDA allows it to be consumed. Krill oil is somewhat different from the regular fish oils. While EPA and DHA in fish oils come in the form of triglycerides, the EPA and DHA in krill oil is already incorporated into phospholipids, which eases the passage of the fatty acids through the intestinal wall. This improves absorption and assimilation.


#3: Shark Liver Oil

Shark liver oil has a long history. For many years, it has been used as a remedy for digestive and respiratory problems, as well as to treat wounds. There aren’t many studies that allow us to clearly state the benefits of the Shark Liver Oil. However, you can find it on some skin lotions and hemorrhoid medications. There are several studies that provide evidence that fish oils can really help your health: not only maintaining it, as to recovering from some specific diseases, as well as to prevent them. Fish oils will help your immunity system to create the right defenses. Make sure you don’t forget to keep a balanced diet as well as exercising regularly.

atlantic shark

How to Properly Cook Atlantic Cod Fish

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Atlantic cod fish can be considered as an excellent source of lean protein. You will not be able to find any saturated fats in Atlantic cod fish like other protein types. Atlantic cod fish is often being used to make deep fried fish and fish and chips. However, it can be healthy when grilled, baked or poached.

According to a survey conducted by the American Heart Association, it has been identified that Atlantic cod fish is one of the 10 most popular fish types that you can find within United States. Atlantic cod fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids as well. Therefore, people who consume Atlantic cod fish on a regular basis will get the opportunity to stay away from heart diseases.

The good thing about Atlantic cod fish is that it can be cooked in many different ways. Herewith we list some of the most popular methods out of them.

Baked cod with lemon

In order to make baked Atlantic cod fish, you need to preheat your oven for 400 degrees F, take a fillet of cod and rub it on olive oil, lemon zest and minced garlic. Then you can add salt and pepper to increase the taste. Then you need to place the fillet in an oiled baking dish and bake for a period of 15 minutes. You need to take the fillet out of the oven when it looks opaque. Once you take it out, you will be able to serve freshly with sprinkled parsley on top.

baked atlantic cod fish with lemon

Poached cod

To make poached Atlantic cod fish, you need to take a medium sized saucepan and place olive oil on top of it under medium heat. Then you need to add chopped onion and garlic to it while stirring constantly. You need to stir it until the onion becomes softened. It will take about two to three minutes based on the temperature. Then you need to add water and crushed tomatoes into the saucepan. After that, you can season one of the Atlantic cod fish fillets with salt and pepper. You need to add that into the saucepan and cook for about 10 minutes. Then you can serve poached cod fillet with a small amount of poaching liquid.

poached cod

Cooked Atlantic cod fish

Cod fish can be cooked in the traditional way as well. In order to do that, you will need lemon wedges, cod fillets and seasoning. First of all, you need to heat the Atlantic cod fish to a temperature of 450 Fahrenheit. Then you need to drizzle olive oil into the fillets and bake them until they turn into golden brown color. It will take about 10 minutes for the fillets to turn to golden brown color. During the baking process, you can flake it easily with the help of a fork.


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5 Benefits of Fish and Fermented Cod Liver Oil

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Over the past decade there has been a lot of news about fish oil or fermented cod liver oil offering considerable health benefits. It’s little wonder that millions of people purchase fish oil for the health benefits that have been reported. However, while most of the research has focused on the Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish or fermented cod liver oil which helps prevent heart disease and improves the circulatory system, there are other major benefits as well.


One of the most interesting studies was reported in the European Journal of Neuroscience that demonstrated how fish oil actually reduced symptoms of anxiety and even certain types of depression. The study also showed that many of the positive changes occurred in children where they were still developing. This means that it is important to provide fish oil for the better mental health of children when growing into adults.

anxiety might be alleviated with fish oil

Alzheimer’s Disease

While fish or fermented cod liver oil is not considered a cure, there has been a link to seniors who consumed fish oil on a regular basis with better cognitive function. The fatty acids in the oil help improve overall circulation which leads to better cognitive retention.


One of the most interesting studies published by Brain Research demonstrated that those who take fish oil on a regular basis are less likely to develop diabetic symptoms in two different ways. First, the oil helps prevent the destruction of the hippocampus cells which in turn create greater cognitive ability. Second, one of the root causes of Type II Diabetes is oxidative stress which the fish oil also addresses. This means that when eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you can augment your resistance to diabetes by consuming fish oil regularly.


One of the most interesting studies was the effect that fish oil had on those with arthritis. The end result was how fish oil as well as borage seed significantly reduced the damaging effects of arthritis in a number of patients. While it did not reverse the condition, it did slow it down to a considerable degree. So, it is recommended that people who may have a family history of arthritis add fish oil to their diet to help reduce the chance of it developing.


Studies have demonstrated that fish or fermented cod liver oil helps reverse and perhaps even prevent to a certain degree eye disorders such as cataracts and dry eye. The improved circulation in the eye helps in preventing or at least slowing down potential disease that afflict the eye. Those who are suffering from eye issues may want to add fish oil to their diet in order to help improve their condition.

It may be that the increase in circulation that fish oil brings helps with the many conditions where a positive benefit has been observed. In any case, fish oil and the Omega-3 fatty acids it contains offers provides a number of advantages that combined with a healthy diet and exercise will help protect your health for many years to come. You can read more about fish and cod liver oil related information at


fermented cod liver oil nutrition facts

Fermented Cod Liver Oil  – Should You Use It?

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Cod liver oil is made from the liver of a cod while most fish oil supplements are made using the oily fish’s fleshy part.

The difference between fermented cod liver oil instead of just cod liver oil is the fact that the oil is extracted through fermentation rather than being subjected to hot temperatures or using any chemicals for this purpose. This becomes a much more natural product. Fermentation will help the cod liver oil to keep their most important nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin A and D and Omega-3. Here are some of the benefits of fermented cod liver oil:

* Vitamin A: Fermented cod liver oil is very rich in Vitamin A. This particular vitamin helps you in development, immune function, reproduction, vision and cellular communication.

* Vitamin D: This vitamin isn’t easy to find in many foods and it’s very important to cell growth, reduce inflammation, immune response, healthy bones, and neuromuscular function. You can find a high level of Vitamin D in the fermented cod liver oil.

* Omega-3: Your body produces Omega-3 but usually the amount is not enough. Fermented cod liver oil will help you get the dose you need since Omega-3 is necessary to neurotransmitters and brain and nervous system functions.

Cod fish swimming

Many ancient cultures, like the Romans or the Vikings, believed in the power of fermented cod liver oil. It was used to strong the mind, the body, and the spirit. More recently, there have been many studies proving that fermented cod fish oil can be extremely helpful towards some conditions:

  • Helps reducing asthma, allergies and ear infections;
  • Helps to maintain good cholesterol levels;
  • Promotes hormonal balance;
  • Helps to reduce the arthritis rheumatoid symptoms;
  • Supports your nails, hair and skin health;
  • Reduces breast cancer risk;
  • Helps with mental health;
  • Prevents heart diseases;
  • Helps to treat depression;
  • Prevents and treats kidney disease among others.

One of the things most people think when they hear about fermented cod liver oil is that it’s stinky and they don’t understand how anyone can actually eat it. The fact is that it just slightly smells like fish. The smell comes from the fish proteins and not the oil itself. But if you’re one of those people who just can’t stand fish, you can also find fermented cod liver oil with different flavors like cinnamon, orange or even chocolate.

If you keep it in a bottle at room temperature, it will last for several weeks.

What’s The Amount of Fermented Cod Liver Oil You Should Take?

There are people who say that they feel better by only taking one capsule, others who say they are taking it every day and see no differences. So, what’s the answer?

There’s not actually a straight answer since you need to look at fermented cod liver oil as food and not as medicine. If you go to a pharmacy you can get these same supplements. But the main difference is that they are extracted and put together in a chemical way. With fermented cod liver oil, the process is a lot more natural and allows you to take the vitamins and nutrients directly from its source.

Obviously, several factors need to be taken into account when taking fermented cod liver oil. The results will be different depending on your age, health condition, lifestyle, stress, etc. And since they will change over time, so your dosage. Your body may need more or fewer nutrients at a particular phase, and you need to judge the dosage with your common sense. Taking more to act as prevention is not necessarily better either. Since the fermented cod liver oil has  Omega-3, you need to balance it with a diet rich in organ meats and egg yolks.

How Can You Take The Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

Some people are pickier than others when they need to take a medicine or a food that doesn’t taste that good. So, here are some different ways you can take the fermented cod liver oil:

* Take the capsules: Even though they are a bit more expensive, if you’re one of those people who can’t stand the fish smell or its taste, this might be a great option for you.

fermented cod liver oil capsules

* Directly from the spoon: On the contrary, if you have no problems with fish, you’ll be good to go by just pouring the liquid directly onto a spoon. Most people don’t even notice the taste.

cod liver oil from spoon

* Taking it with a flavor: You have chocolate, cinnamon, and orange flavors to pick from. These will help you with the fishy taste.

* Mix with tangy juice: Besides masking the flavor, you’re adding even more nutrients to your diet.


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Vitamin D has become a popular vitamin in recent years due to its importance to health and vitality. It is actually a group of fat-soluble secosteroids which enhances intestinal absorption of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphate and zinc. It is often referred to as the “sunshine vitamin” due to the human bodies’ ability to generate it when exposed to the sun.

In addition to the sun exposure, the level of vitamin D can be increased with consuming certain foods.  Fish oils and fatty fish are some of the richest sources of the vitamin. For example, a tablespoon of the blue ice cod liver oil will provide you with more than 1300 IU. Consuming 4 ounces of fresh or raw herring will add approximately 1000 IU to your system. While eating a cup of raw maitake mushroom will deliver fairly high 780 IU per serving. Although fortified skim milk and eggs contain the vitamin, they are less abundant sources with 120 IU per cup of milk and 44 IU per egg.

Whether you are getting regular exposure to sunlight or take a spoonful of blue ice cod liver oil, maintaining a sufficient amount of vitamin can have several health benefits. These are 5 benefits which are attributed to sustaining recommended level of vitamin D:


study conducted by the researchers from the University of Manchester in England found a link between vitamin D and mental sharpness. After taking blood tests of over 3,000 European middle and older aged men, they concluded that the participants who lacked the vitamin had relatively poor ability to memorize and process information than the ones who had adequate levels.


Sunshine vitamin participates in the regulation of calcium and phosphorous levels in the blood. Two processes which have vital importance for bone health. Rickets in children have been linked to vitamin D deficiency. This disease occurs due to flawed mineralization and softening of the bones leading to “O” like bending of legs. Vitamin D is equally important for the bone health among adults. The lack of it can lead to osteoporosis. The bones of the people suffering with this condition become brittle and are prone to easily fracture especially in the hip, wrist or spine.


A research conducted by Massachusetts and Colorado scientists found that lack of vitamin D correlated with elevated infection contraction. In other words people with the sunshine vitamin deficiency are running a higher risk of catching cold. Who knows maybe taking enough vitamin D will save you from flu during the next season.


This might be the least expected of the benefits of vitamin D. If you have been working on your abs and would take any help to trim fat and get to that six pack, then adding orange juice rich in vitamin D might be something you may want to consider. A three month study found that the participants who drank orange juice enriched with vitamin D, burnt more fat compared to others who drank the same juice without it. Maybe you should also add some more vitamin D to your orange juice. Just do not mix the juice with blue ice cod liver oil or maitake mushroom. Clearly you are not going to get a tolerable orange juice mix with these ingredients.


Although further research is needed, various studies indicate that low sunshine vitamin levels may have connection to the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Among type 2 diabetes patients vitamin D deficiency has negative impact on insulin, serotonin and glucose tolerance. A study conducted on infants revealed that regular intake of vitamin D lowered the risk of developing diabetes by 88%.

Low levels of vitamin D have also been linked to cardiovascular disease, heart health, pregnancy complications, elevated cancer risk, autism, arthritis, hair vitality and more. However, further research is needed to assess these links.

Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil Benefits

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Cod liver oil is a widely used nutritional supplement which is derived from liver of Atlantic cod fish. It is an essential oil which abounds in omega-3 fatty acids – eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). It is also a source of significant sources of vitamin A and vitamin D. Health benefits of the cod liver oil have been known since 18th century. It is then that a physician from Manchester England named Darbey gave the oil to the patients suffering with rheumatism. In 1820th the oil started being prescribed to children to prevent rickets and help with vitamin D deficiency. One of the best varieties is blue ice cod liver oil.

Various studies have found that cod liver oil may be beneficial for a variety of conditions:


blue ice cod liver oil might heal arthritiesA study conducted in Germany evaluated how patients who suffered with arthritis respond to taking 1 gram of cod liver oil daily over the period of three months. The findings showed that the level of pain was reduced with the consistent oil intake. Another study at Cardiff University in Wales found that cod liver oil alleviated pain and cartilage damage caused by osteoarthritis among a number of patients. The researchers also saw a decline in the need for joint replacement.


A research conducted by Dr. Schacky and other researchers from Munchen University in Germany revealed that taking of one and a half grams of n-3 fatty acids slowed down progression of established coronary artery disease.healthy heart


The scientists at the Aarhus University Hospital conducted an experiment using the hairless mouse ear wound model. After applying cod liver oil based ointment to wounds they detected faster wound healing. In the opinion of the Danish scientists: “Vitamin A seems to have an important role in accelerating wound healing and could be the active component in cod liver oil”.


increased brain performanceThe study conducted by the researchers at Manchester University in England found that the levels of vitamin D are linked to brain performance among middle-aged and older people. The findings suggested that the people who had low levels of vitamin D had poorer brain function. This vitamin is abundantly found in cod liver oil. For example, according to Weston A. Price Foundation 1 mL of blue ice cod liver oil contains approximately 390 IU (international units). By taking a teaspoon this oil an estimated 1950 IU of vitamin D can be taken.

There are many other benefits which are linked to fatty acids and vitamins contained in cod liver oil which are still being researched. According to taking the blue ice cod liver oil orally may help some people lower triglycerides, the blood fats which if elevated may lead to heart diseases. According to the same site the oil may help people suffering with high blood pressure to lower it. In addition, the cod liver oil (such as blue ice cod liver oil) can be beneficial for kidney health of the people with type 2 diabetes.

The name Weston A. Price may not be familiar to you, but he was a dentist who studied traditional diets of many cultures worldwide to discover super nutrients which were consumed by various people to improve and strengthen their body, mind and spiritual health and vitality. He discovered a tremendous health benefit of taking cod liver oil which is currently commonly used as a dietary supplement. It is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and provides high amounts of vitamins A and D.

atlantic cod

You can find a large variety of cod liver oil supplement brands on the market. However not all of them are made equal. According to theWeston A. Price foundation, some brands undergo manufacturing processes which eliminate all of the vitamins. Such products lack sufficient levels of vitamin A and contain virtually no Vitamin D. Certain manufacturers have even added synthetically derived vitamin A and D to the purified cod liver oil. Fortunately, currently there are several manufacturers which produce fermented high-vitamin cod liver oil naturally without using any heating (which decreases nutritional value).

The following is the list of recommended high-vitamin fermented cod liver oil based on the Weston A. Price foundation review. The list of the best cod liver oil brands is topped by blue ice cod liver oil variety. You can find the list of the best brands and product descriptions below: