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Fermented Cod Liver Oil  – Should You Use It?

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Cod liver oil is made from the liver of a cod while most fish oil supplements are made using the oily fish’s fleshy part.

The difference between fermented cod liver oil instead of just cod liver oil is the fact that the oil is extracted through fermentation rather than being subjected to hot temperatures or using any chemicals for this purpose. This becomes a much more natural product. Fermentation will help the cod liver oil to keep their most important nutrients and vitamins such as Vitamin A and D and Omega-3. Here are some of the benefits of fermented cod liver oil:

* Vitamin A: Fermented cod liver oil is very rich in Vitamin A. This particular vitamin helps you in development, immune function, reproduction, vision and cellular communication.

* Vitamin D: This vitamin isn’t easy to find in many foods and it’s very important to cell growth, reduce inflammation, immune response, healthy bones, and neuromuscular function. You can find a high level of Vitamin D in the fermented cod liver oil.

* Omega-3: Your body produces Omega-3 but usually the amount is not enough. Fermented cod liver oil will help you get the dose you need since Omega-3 is necessary to neurotransmitters and brain and nervous system functions.

Cod fish swimming

Many ancient cultures, like the Romans or the Vikings, believed in the power of fermented cod liver oil. It was used to strong the mind, the body, and the spirit. More recently, there have been many studies proving that fermented cod fish oil can be extremely helpful towards some conditions:

  • Helps reducing asthma, allergies and ear infections;
  • Helps to maintain good cholesterol levels;
  • Promotes hormonal balance;
  • Helps to reduce the arthritis rheumatoid symptoms;
  • Supports your nails, hair and skin health;
  • Reduces breast cancer risk;
  • Helps with mental health;
  • Prevents heart diseases;
  • Helps to treat depression;
  • Prevents and treats kidney disease among others.

One of the things most people think when they hear about fermented cod liver oil is that it’s stinky and they don’t understand how anyone can actually eat it. The fact is that it just slightly smells like fish. The smell comes from the fish proteins and not the oil itself. But if you’re one of those people who just can’t stand fish, you can also find fermented cod liver oil with different flavors like cinnamon, orange or even chocolate.

If you keep it in a bottle at room temperature, it will last for several weeks.

What’s The Amount of Fermented Cod Liver Oil You Should Take?

There are people who say that they feel better by only taking one capsule, others who say they are taking it every day and see no differences. So, what’s the answer?

There’s not actually a straight answer since you need to look at fermented cod liver oil as food and not as medicine. If you go to a pharmacy you can get these same supplements. But the main difference is that they are extracted and put together in a chemical way. With fermented cod liver oil, the process is a lot more natural and allows you to take the vitamins and nutrients directly from its source.

Obviously, several factors need to be taken into account when taking fermented cod liver oil. The results will be different depending on your age, health condition, lifestyle, stress, etc. And since they will change over time, so your dosage. Your body may need more or fewer nutrients at a particular phase, and you need to judge the dosage with your common sense. Taking more to act as prevention is not necessarily better either. Since the fermented cod liver oil has  Omega-3, you need to balance it with a diet rich in organ meats and egg yolks.

How Can You Take The Fermented Cod Liver Oil?

Some people are pickier than others when they need to take a medicine or a food that doesn’t taste that good. So, here are some different ways you can take the fermented cod liver oil:

* Take the capsules: Even though they are a bit more expensive, if you’re one of those people who can’t stand the fish smell or its taste, this might be a great option for you.

fermented cod liver oil capsules

* Directly from the spoon: On the contrary, if you have no problems with fish, you’ll be good to go by just pouring the liquid directly onto a spoon. Most people don’t even notice the taste.

cod liver oil from spoon

* Taking it with a flavor: You have chocolate, cinnamon, and orange flavors to pick from. These will help you with the fishy taste.

* Mix with tangy juice: Besides masking the flavor, you’re adding even more nutrients to your diet.