5 Benefits of Fish and Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Over the past decade there has been a lot of news about fish oil or fermented cod liver oil offering considerable health benefits. It’s little wonder that millions of people purchase fish oil for the health benefits that have been reported. However, while most of the research has focused on the Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in fish or fermented cod liver oil which helps prevent heart disease and improves the circulatory system, there are other major benefits as well.


One of the most interesting studies was reported in the European Journal of Neuroscience that demonstrated how fish oil actually reduced symptoms of anxiety and even certain types of depression. The study also showed that many of the positive changes occurred in children where they were still developing. This means that it is important to provide fish oil for the better mental health of children when growing into adults.

anxiety might be alleviated with fish oil

Alzheimer’s Disease

While fish or fermented cod liver oil is not considered a cure, there has been a link to seniors who consumed fish oil on a regular basis with better cognitive function. The fatty acids in the oil help improve overall circulation which leads to better cognitive retention.


One of the most interesting studies published by Brain Research demonstrated that those who take fish oil on a regular basis are less likely to develop diabetic symptoms in two different ways. First, the oil helps prevent the destruction of the hippocampus cells which in turn create greater cognitive ability. Second, one of the root causes of Type II Diabetes is oxidative stress which the fish oil also addresses. This means that when eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly, you can augment your resistance to diabetes by consuming fish oil regularly.


One of the most interesting studies was the effect that fish oil had on those with arthritis. The end result was how fish oil as well as borage seed significantly reduced the damaging effects of arthritis in a number of patients. While it did not reverse the condition, it did slow it down to a considerable degree. So, it is recommended that people who may have a family history of arthritis add fish oil to their diet to help reduce the chance of it developing.


Studies have demonstrated that fish or fermented cod liver oil helps reverse and perhaps even prevent to a certain degree eye disorders such as cataracts and dry eye. The improved circulation in the eye helps in preventing or at least slowing down potential disease that afflict the eye. Those who are suffering from eye issues may want to add fish oil to their diet in order to help improve their condition.

It may be that the increase in circulation that fish oil brings helps with the many conditions where a positive benefit has been observed. In any case, fish oil and the Omega-3 fatty acids it contains offers provides a number of advantages that combined with a healthy diet and exercise will help protect your health for many years to come. You can read more about fish and cod liver oil related information at www.exportingfish.com.


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