Benefits of Krill Oil

A diet rich in omega-3 is essential for your overall health. The problem is that your body just can’t produce these fatty acids on its own. So, you need to get them from certain foods or through supplements. You can get omega-3 from cod, bluefish, mackerel, anchovies, sturgeon, salmon, tuna, lake trout and sardines. Unfortunately, with all the pollution WHO is not advising us to eat fish. So, you need to look for omega-3 fatty acids in supplements like the krill oil.

krill oil benefits

There have been many clinical research studies performed to test the real effects of the krill oil. And there are many benefits for your health:

Cardiovascular Health:

Just like fish oil, krill oil contains fatty acids that promote healthy circulation and support cardio health. From these fatty acids, there are two that are especially important, EPA and DHA. These are the ones that help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels. And since krill oil also contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant, it will help you support your cardiovascular health.

heart health krill oil

Joint Health:

The American Journal of Nutrition published a study where the krill oil effectiveness to lubricate joints and support healthy inflammatory response was analyzed. The participants of the study experienced a reduction in joint stiffness, less joint distress, and even an increase in overall mobility.

Brain Health:

The brain consists of at least 60% fat, and the DHA is the most abundant fatty acid. There have been different studies showing that omega-3 EPA and DHA help the brain to function optimally, support attention, mood, and memory.

And as you get older, it’s normal to see these levels on your brain to decrease. So, in order to maintain a sharp and healthy brain, you need to take krill oil.

Women’s Health:

Since krill oil contains phospholipids, which are known to support healthy hormone production, it can help women who suffer from PMS. Krill oil will help promote a hormonal balance, which will help both the energy and the mood of women.

women health

Skin Health:

Krill oil will help you have a radiant, youthful and healthy skin. The Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) scale measures how antioxidants work when fighting free radicals. Krill oil got a value of 43, against fish oil, which only got a value of 8.


Some researchers discovered that cultures where people eat foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids have lower levels of depression.


When you try to manage your diabetes, you need to look at both glucose and lipid levels. And krill oil is very effective reducing both.

One of the greatest advantages of using krill oil instead of regular fish oil is that you won’t have neither┬ánasty fishy aftertaste nor reflux.

Krill oil is a great supplement you should take since it may help you live a happier, healthier and longer life.






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